Multifirefox, Thunderbird problems solved

I am using Multifirefox, a standalone app to launch and run different versions and profiles of Firefox at the same time for quite a while (it is a superb solution to have one profile of Firefox for developing [with a bunch of necessary addons] and a sleek version for everyday use, e.g. with only an adblock extension). Anyways, Multifirefox did crash after upgrading my operating system to Snow Leopard. Which sucked. The developer, Dave Martorana posted a new beta version that fixes this bug (problems arising of a different version of ‘libsqlite3.dylib’ that the new operating system came with then the one Firefox has built in). Jiha!

I am a Mozilla Thunderbird user for about 8 years now and I simply love it (the ability to move emails from one email inbox to another, saved searches, mail redirection, css user stylesheets… just to name a few reasons why I stick with TB).
Since I switched to osx about 1.5 years ago I experienced a weird bug: Sometimes when I opened an email (most of the time after moving an email to a different folder) attachments would have been screwed up. They still exist in full size on the server, but TB would show a file size of “20kB” instead, thus rendering any kind of attachment useless; Pictures were displayed only partly, all other files looked damaged. Yesterday I looked through the config editor (Preferences > Advanced > General > Config Editor) and found 2 boolean values that made a difference to that buggy behaviour, all my attachments show up correctly now (on my imap accounts):

Thunderbird fetch settings

These settings set to true, according to the thunderbird forums, tells Thunderbird to download each attachment in one piece, ignoring the (possibly wrong) reported size by the server.

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