Several flickr-related things

We did the 2nd flickr photowalk in Linz yesterday, now with already 10 flickrinos walking around with their slr-cams. It was quite some fun, we had chosen to visit the southside of Linz (several old blocks of apartments from the 80ies). And abandoned shopping carts everywhere. Anyway it is nice to see how fast this flickr group is growing. Some of my pictures from yesterday:

[flickr]photo:3279396600[/flickr] [flickr]photo:3278574369[/flickr] [flickr]photo:3278573281[/flickr] [flickr]photo:3278574861[/flickr]

Several weeks ago I was asked by (online travel guide for different cities) if they could use one of my photos of the lighthouse in Glasgow in their new 2009 travel guide. Of course, I agreed and now the photo is really used/featured next to the quite well-known museum: Glasgow, Scotland’s Center for Architecture ( – Awesome! :)


And to finish this post – I stumbled upon flickriver, a very nice site that features e.g. a ‘flickr interestingness browser‘ but lets you also search through all your tags through a tagcloud, display random pictures of your photostream etc.; I especially like the interface (how it loads pictures when you scroll dowwn,…). very nice!

p.s.: Saw the sneak preview of the ‘Bone Man‘ yesterday (new Austrian movie with Josef Hader, original title “Der Knochenmann“) – scary, though funny and great stuff :) If you liked Wolf Haas’ movies, a definite must.

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