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As usual times before Christmas are really busy, and i mean not only going to the Christmas Markets with friends to drink punsch and gluehwein… Went to Berlin a week ago to give a presentation on screen recording in educational context at the Educa, I really enjoyed the conference: lots of interesting talks, people (Moodle is still ‘in’ :) and a very international audience. Met the product manager of Camtasia there, the software is done by Techsmith – we use that a lot in Hagenberg. Even I did not have enough time to explore Berlin, I had good times and I should go there again!


Stopped in Prague on the way back and visited the most touristy/cheesy/crowded Christmas market(s) I have ever seen. But – the city itself is nice, like a fairy tale. Wish I would have brought the tripod and the fisheye lens… Tip for you, dear reader, if you happen to ever go to Prague: The monastery‘s microbrewery next to the castle (“St. Norbert”) does a VERY good brew, especially the Christmasbock…

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Random stuff about Linz: The ars electronica museum seems to get ready: It opens January 2nd and lately they are testing the led-façade and it looks awesome, seems like every glass panel can be lit in different colors. I AM looking forward for Linz 2009!

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