Annoying ticket ordering online

I had a very exciting/annoying experience ordering some train tickets online today. Since I have a ‘Vorteilskarte’ (discount card for the Austrian Federal Railways) I, as usual, ordered the tickets online in advance (you get 5% off more then buying them in the train station). Well, and – since the schedule stated the train would be crowded –  checked the checkbox next to “free seat reservation” (as usual).


So even if there is a link to a FAQ about who can have free reservations I think this is some misleading user interface. Why should they offer me a free reservation when I am not even eligible for one? I DON’T want to know how many ‘free reservations’ I was charged for in the last years (I use the train on  a regular basis). Thanks, oebb!

Then I clicked on “next” and arrived at the last overview screen before actually buying the ticket. Since it appeard way too overpriced for me, I wanted to go back to the previous screen to double-check and I clicked on the left of the two red buttons (not reading, just assuming that the left one would go back, the right one would take me a step further): I was too fast. For whatever weird reason on that particular screen it is just the other way round; Order=left, go back=right.


So I ended up not only buying the tickets but also having no reservation, which turned out to be a good thing: I called and had to learn that only handicapped people and VIPs get free reservations and all other customers will be charged €3,- per seat. Which is NOT stated on the receipt NOR on the ticket NOR on your credit card report.

Weird Fridays. Maybe I am just really picky… at least it is supposed to snow soon (which might be able to cheer me up a bit).

p.s.: Ah jeah, Camtasia 6 is out. Like it a lot!

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