Back in Austria

After a week back in Austria I am slowly getting used to the different time zone, of course I caught a cold after a few days here … ;) My apartment is no mess anymore after moving all my stuff back in and I started working at the university in Hagenberg again last Monday. Linz changed quite a bit in preparation for the Cultural Capital of Europe 2009, construction sites everywhere!

I watched the ‘Dark Knight‘ a third time, again in English with Nostromo last week and I still enjoyed it! (‘why So Serious, Son?!’);
Had a very strange but nice experience last week — went to Akakiko for dinner and from the terrace I could hear a musician (Walter, on a blog I found simply called ‘He’) playing his piano on the ‘Landstrasse’ in Linz; Usually he plays Elton John and similar stuff but this time the first song I heard from him was the ‘Piano Man‘ by Billy Joel. And I heard and enjoyed this song in the States so many times just a few weeks ago! it was … cool!

Spent quite some time on figuring out how to make a yesss-umts modem work with my mac, finally I found a blog that described the (weird) steps in detail and I have nicely working internet at my apartment again for now.

And I finally saw the new front face of our university – I helped altering and preparing the picture before leaving to the States in March so the view is new to me:
[flickr]photo:2820950601[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2821790532[/flickr]

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