Good Bye Milwaukee / back in Austria

Wow, the last days flew by way too fast! A weekend on the other side of Lake Michigan (with surfing, dune-buggy session and a ride back on the lake express); A farewell-pizza-party at work/sois on friday, then (an unexpected and wonderful) kiteboarding-session at Bradford Beach with almost all my friends (never had seen so many kites at once in Milwaukee), a last good evening at cafĂ© Hollaender with friends Saturday.. and then finally Chicago o’Hare for my flight Sunday back to Austria (thx for the ride, Jeff!). This time all my luggage arrived save in Austria, no need to call Egypt this time.

There are so many people to thank – Jeff, Julia, Sparky, Chad, Anthony, Jacques, Dean Britz, Rebecca, Stafford, Paul, Elizabeth, Beth, Sam, Joey, Don, Ryan, Dylan, Monica, Nataly, Ania, Dalius, Matt, Tony, Vim, “Skipper” Terry), Sean, Andy, … I am sure I forgot to mention dozens of friends (and I will be constantly updating this post ;) – it was an awesome time, and I am already missing Milwaukee and these people a lot.

For the next days I will have to get my stuff back to my apartment, get rid of my jet lag (seemed like I was placed in the ‘screaming baby – section’ of the plane, I was SO glad to have some earplugs with me) and next Monday work at the university in Hagenberg starts again – not much kiteboarding anymore for michael ;)

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