Last week to start soon…

The last week for this stay here in Milwaukee is close, I am starting to feel a bit sad to leave this nice place.. Yet some friends from (which was relaunched a few days ago, now done in typo3 by me ;) are going to the ‘other side’ of the lake (Michigan) to get some decent wind for kiteboarding.

For I was searching quite a while for “watermarking” the images that appear on the site, but not the thumbnails only the bigger versions. This can be easily done in Typo3 but I could neither find nor figure out a solution to get it work together with the perfectlightbox extension. I managed to get it working after a while though but then all images on the site were click-enlargable which was not my intention… With the help of the developer of the extension now it works and since maybe somebody else might find the TS code helpful, I will share my final code here:

tt_content.image.20.1 {
   imageLinkWrap {
      typolink {
         parameter.override.cObject = IMG_RESOURCE
         parameter.override.cObject.file = GIFBUILDER
         parameter.override.cObject.file.XY = [10.w],[10.h]
         parameter.override.cObject.file.10 = IMAGE = TSFE:lastImageInfo|origFile
         parameter.override.cObject.file.10.file.maxW = {$plugin.perfectlightbox.lightBoxMaxW}
         parameter.override.cObject.file.10.file.maxH = {$plugin.perfectlightbox.lightBoxMaxH}
         parameter.override.cObject.file.20 = TEXT
         parameter.override.cObject.file.20 {
   = date:Y
            text.noTrimWrap = |(c) | {$imageWatermarkText} |
            outline {
               thickness =  1,0
               color = #eeeeee
            fontFile = fileadmin/templates/fonts/fontname.ttf
            fontSize = 28

I am not a big fan of watermarks but for some situations a subtle url in a corner of an image is ok imho, especially if it comes to linking pictures from within message boards etc.. An example of the working script can be found e.g. on the gallery section of

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