A week surfing at Cape Hatteras

Wow – I just came back from 6 days at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Went there with 3 good friends for kiteboarding, surfing and we really did get some riding: wind every single day (15-30 mph, varying from day to day), water temperatures in the mid 80s.. huge (but ‘definitively rideable‘) waves on the ocean side, shallow water on the sound’s side (you can literally walk for miles through the water there) – it was simply great! (if you ever go to Buxton, visit the small local bakery ‘Orange Blossom’ to get an ‘Apple Ugly‘- it really looks like but it is delicious…)

Last day we went to a presentation of Cabrinha‘s new 2008 kites, featured by pro rider Damien Leroy at kittyhawk kiteboarding, was fun to ride next to some really good kiters.

[flickr]photo:2627141852[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2623900286[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2623077277[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2627144068[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2626363483[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2627144614[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2626329305[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2627145052[/flickr]

Now? back to work.
p.s.: there are some more shots online here.

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