brewery tours and lastgraphs

Indiana Jones was not too disappointing (if you don’t take the last 10 minutes of the movie into account). Relieve!

I did the lakefront brewery tour (again) yesterday, it is still fun :) i did not know they have 16 different beers (especially the ‘cherry lager’ and the ‘burning bridge’ were new for me). the tour is still worth the try!

[flickr]photo:2518491381[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2518490829[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2519310794[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2519309940[/flickr]

p.s.: lastgraph is finally back, now as v3 beta. weeeeeeee! if you use, you should give it a try! speed improvements are amazing, and the interface is really nice.

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