surfing weekend, ultrascreens and such

The last weekend was a great one. Surfing 2 days out of 3 on Bradford Beach, sunny weather and lots of good fresh coffee at Alterra (I was lucky enough to get free Bullfrogs on Sunday!). Saw ‘Iron Man‘ at an ultrascreen cinema (marcus theater) and I have to be honest – that was impressive. The movie is kind of what you expect from a blockbuster but still its really well done. Can’t wait for Indiana Jones to start in less then 3 weeks!

No new experiences regarding food so far (except that I still do enjoy going to Chipotle at least once a week, the ‘smoked Tabasco’ is just amazing!!)

bradford beach 1bradford beach 2bradford beach 3bradford beach 4

p.s.: Many thanks to Nick Woyak for taking the surfing photos last Friday!

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