Photoshop Knowledgenight III

Well, I was having the 3rd Photoshop Knowledgenight for the students union “if” this evening already in Hagenberg. Quite a lot of interested people and the whole “show” was streamed live in Second Live (there is a very interesting students project this semester which deals with SL).I hope there was something about Photoshop CS3 for everybody (which is a difficult goal to achieve in a university with 9 different study programs ;) -> comments welcome!

The CS3 batch script/action for the Orton Effect with smart filters can be found here (the one without for CS2 from last time here).

[flickr]photo:2183374955[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2183374635[/flickr]

And finally: Thanks to Johann Heinzelreiter for helping me with the Keyboardwatchdog!

update: a short video about the streaming can be found at youtube.

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