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I found some very neat programs for using with your photo collection and/or flickR images:

  • slickR is an openGL screensaver which fades and pans your (or other) flickR images without using too much cpu (which isn’t usually the case with most eye-candy openGL screensavers)
  • John’s Background switcher puts single, multiple or framed photos from a certain folder or some other online picture galleries on your background instead of a wallpaper; even changes the image(s) after a certain period of time
  • Polaroid is an opensource flash-gallery for embedding on websites with a similar effect – with dragable photos from within flickr.
  • A free Flash/Flex version for websites which imitates the original flickR interface is provided by sephirot.
  • A cool 3d flickR Flex gallery can be found herethe “Tilt Viewer”.
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