tornados, floods and such

wow, the last weekend has been a turbulent one. it started with a nice and windy friday, lots of sun; all of a sudden some black clouds appeared downtowns, got more and half an hour later the tornado sirens went off: time to get off the water. evening was sunny again, calm like nothing happened. Saturday was even worse: starting with sunnyblue sky the day ended with floodings all over the state, several tornado touchdowns and lots of rain (up to 3 inches within 20 minutes) – lots of basements flooded, several streets closed. Even Miller Park (the baseball stadium) was reported being flooded; it was a mess. I was driving on the interstate with a friend and we had to pull over cause we literally could not see anything for quite some time.

Due to the sewage overflows there wont be any kiting or swimming this week… So time enough to get a lot of work done and to look forward to go to North Carolina with some friends for kitesurfing at the end of June :)

[flickr]photo:2577548765[/flickr ][flickr]photo:2561285904[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2566604896[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2566604618[/flickr]
(the surfing pics were taken before the weather..)

There are quit some really cool shots from other people (pics are linked) on flickr about the weather, floods and broken dams here lately:

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