a bunch of cool links

Hm, I stumbled upon a load of cool links/things during the last week which I want to share:

  • The PicLens is a very nice small browser addon which allows to flip trough several pictures on a webpage in a 3d-way, especially flickr, facebook, picasa and such. But you can also integrate PicLens on your own page, e.g. on wordpress with this small but easy to handly wordpress piclens plugin. There is also a flash-based addon for people without the extra extension but the 3d-effect is worth the try (and you are much faster while browsing image-loaded flickr pages!).
  • TheLastGraph combined with a last.fm account allows someone to display his/her musical taste over the past 2 years in a colored diagram which not only is very interesting concerning music taste but looks really nice. You really should give it a try, people without last.fm account can generate someone else’s music-diagram as well (you only need his/her last.fm name); thx L!
  • I lived on the Moon – a wonderful animation, I could listen to its music a hundred times.
  • As waiting for theupcoming release of the new Muse live DVD (really hope the release will be in February, finally!) I searched for muse clips on youtube and found this awesome piano recording of
    a cover version of “take a bow”. This guy really knows how to play :)
  • Speaking of youtube I want to mention a brilliant idea of the Calcutta School of music (youtube link again, found via advertising goodness) for generating awareness and enthusiasm for music classes.
  • And last I want to mention a very cool application which I am using now every single day – a keystroke launcher for windows which really makes starting applications and finding bookmarks a breeze: Launchy saved me loads of times, I wonder how I could have lived without it before :)

ps: 28 days left.

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